Our Restaurant

The Resturant
- Offering a Fresh Seasonal Menu

The menu focuses on fresh seasonal Indonesian, western and european ingredients and flavors prepared with western techniques and presentations.

Offering a wide array of global favorites, from salads, pizza and pastas, to curries and stir fries and our fish of the day specials, barbequed in front of your eyes, ensuring the freshest seafood platters.

The menu incorporates a wide selection of organically, locally produced food from both Bali and Java. Our produce is delivered daily to ensure freshness and quality, keeping us at the forefront of Amed Dream restaurants.
Dine by the sea, great deserts and fantastic coffees, enjoyed in the open-air ambiance, under the stars in a great atmosphere. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you choose what to eat.

Ibus Beach Restaurant

Ibus Restaurant Hours

  • 8am - 10pm

They say that an essential part of enjoying a meal is its presentation but another important factor in the equation is the location of any given restaurant.

Ibus in Amed is a hilly island the opportunity to appreciate a good meal while enjoying outstanding and sweeping vistas is almost unparalleled in the Bali. When people think of paradise, Bali is one of those places that comes to mind. Tropical and warm year-round, vacationers come from all over the world to sample this “Island of the Gods”. As a get-away destination, few places can match the picture-perfect beaches and the gentle smiling faces of the Balinese. No wonder, too, that Bali was the “Love” in the Eat, Pray Love book.

Because seeing is believing.

  • The best food : fresh pumpkin soup, fresh grilled seafood, chicken steak ala AMED dream, nasi campur banyuning, sirloin steak home made sauce,
  • Pasta: carbonara, spagheti ala AMED dream with grated pemerasan cheese, fresh udang panggang with garlic balinese sauce, delicius sweet corner dessert with fresh local fried pumpkin topped palm sugar,